First GO Group Workshop for Sustainable Festivals & Events in Amsterdam, 23-24 May 2011

The first GO Group workshop for Sustainable Festivals & Events took place on 23-­24 May 2011 in Amsterdam with 35 participants representing festival and event promoters and further stakeholders from all over Europe. The discussions focussed on energy related issues on day 1 and effective audience communication on day 2.

Several lectures from Festivals all over the world inspired the audience with examples and experiences made so far. You can find them here in our blog:

BOOM Festival, Portuga, “Your Oil is Music”, Composting Toilets

OYA Festival, Norwegen

ROSKILDE Festival, Denmark


MELT Festival, Germany, Solar Panels at Ferropolis

OPENAIR St. Gallen, Switzerland

LOWLANDS Festival, Netherlands

RHEINKULTUR Festival, Germany


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