“Your Oil is Music”: the energy concept of the BOOM Festival, Portugal

The BOOM Festival has an extraordinary Environmental Program. It aims to develop answers to the environmental challenges of human communities in three different fields of action: 1) contact with nature, 2) technologies and 3) artistic awareness.

In 2007 the BOOM Festival launched a project to inform people of the usefulness of recycling vegetable oil as a renewable energy source. By using 45.000lt of waste vegetable oil as biofuel for the generators at the festival, BOOM Festival had a reduction of 117.000 kg CO2 emissions to the atmosphere in 2010.

In addition the festival in partnership with the Council of Idanha-a-Nova, ‘Your Oil is Music’ educates people about the potential environmental disaster caused by throwing oil down the sink. 1 litre of oil contaminates 1 million litres of water!

The Festival is collecting the wasted vegetable oil that is being used in the cities and villages around BOOM but also invites its participants to bring oil from home.

Watch the video and see yourself:

More about “Your Oil is Music” and the BOOM Festival here: www.boomfestival.org

Find out about the Composting toilets at BOOM Festival here in our blog.


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